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At Valleyview Veterinary Clinic We always welcome new clients and their pets into our practice.

About Our Clinic

If you are looking for a progressive small animal practice in Kamloops, that offers a high quality of care, check out the Valleyview Veterinary Clinic. We have been in Kamloops for many years. We have been in our current location since April of 1997, and have been under the same ownership since then. We always welcome new clients and their pets into our practice.

Services at Valleyview



    We offer vaccinations, annual exams and parasite control.



    We perform a variety of surgery from soft tissue to select orthopedic. We offer pediatric spays and neuters up to cruciate repairs.



    Did you know that 90% of pets have some form of periodontal disease by the age of 1 year old? We offer preventative options and tips for oral health. We also provide dental scaling, polishing and extractions under anesthetic.



    We use up to date IDEXX in house laboratory equipment. We are able to quickly and efficiently run a number of samples. We are also the only veterinary clinic in town with a veterinarian on staff that is specialized in veterinary clinical pathology.



    Digital radiography offers quick processing, allowing us to examine the image within seconds. Our programming also allows us to provide contrast to enhance specific areas.



    The ultrasound is a great tool to quickly examine soft tissue in an animal. It helps to show various organs and structures.



    We have the option of using our endoscope for gastrointestinal examination, nasal cavity or ear canal examination. This provides a less invasive method of examining, and extracting foreign bodies.



    We have been utilizing this technology since 2006. When using this in place of the scalpel, we see a reduction in bleeding, swelling and discomfort in surgery and recovering. This can also help reduce the spread of tumor cells in certain mass removals.



    This laser is wonderful for many benefits! It aids in healing post-op, sore muscles and improving some cases of range of motion.



    We provide nutritional care for all life stages and prescription requirements. Our staff's trained in knowledge of Medi-Cal Royal Canin products that we carry. Our staff is also always updating their knowledge with this line of veterinary exclusive diets.



    Dr. Charlotte Keller, from the Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialists, comes to the Valleyview Veterinary Clinic 6 times a year for referral consultations. Please contact your regular veterinarian for referral.

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    A CT scanner is a diagnostic device that uses x-rays to provide detailed pictures of the body. It produces cross sections to examine areas in more detail than a typical radiograph would provide.


The CT scanner is new to our veterinary clinic. It came to us in 2016 and took lots of time and energy to set up the space and get everything running efficiently and safely. It is now running and available for diagnostic imaging as of January 2017. A CT scanner is a diagnostic device that uses x-rays to provide detailed pictures of the body. It produces cross sections to examine areas in more detail than a typical radiograph would provide. We send away the imaging for interpretation by a specialist. Interpretation is available 24/7 so even on weekend emergencies; we are able to get answers.

We are the only veterinary clinic in Kamloops with this diagnostic device. If you are a veterinary clinic looking to refer a patient for this imaging, please see referral form.

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Our Team

  • Jean

    Dr. Jean Tobey, DVM

    Jean received her DVM from Michigan State University and became board certified in clinical pathology (Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Pathologists). She has co-owned the Valleyview Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Maricle since 1996. Her interests are surgery, diagnostic medicine and clinical pathology.

  • Bruce

    Dr. Bruce Maricle, DVM

    Bruce received his DVM from Western College of Veterinary Medicine. He has co-owned the Valleyview Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Tobey since 1996. His interests in the veterinary field include diagnostic medicine, diagnostic imaging and surgery.

  • Sarah

    Sarah Challenger, RVT

    Sarah graduated in 2001 from Thompson Rivers University. She has been working at Valleyview since then, and is our longest standing employee! Sarah has taken the role of office manager, but can still be found on the floor helping with the animals. Sarah spends her time outside of work with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and several hamsters. She has a passion for canine agility.

  • Nadine

    Nadine Bilinski, RVT

    Growing up, Nadine grew up on a ranch. This fueled her love for animals, which led her to a career in the veterinary field. She worked in an emergency animal hospital for several years in Victoria before moving to Kamloops to take the Animal Health program at TRU. She graduated in 2008, and has enjoyed working as a technologist ever since. Nadine spends her time off with her many fur babies including two dogs, three cats and one horse.

  • Theresa

    Theresa Wong, RVT

    Theresa graduated from Thompson Rivers University in 2006. She has been at the clinic since then and has taken a great interest in dentistry, as well as anything unusual or challenging. Her time away from work is spent with her husband, two children and two rescue cats.

  • Linda

    Linda Van Laerhoven, RVT

    Linda has worked at Valleyview since she graduated from the Animal Health program at TRU in 2014. She grew up on a dairy farm in the lower mainland, and her roots brought her into the career of small animal medicine. Linda is a cat mom to an eccentric 13-year-old Himalayan, Bilbo, which she and her boyfriend adopted in the summer of 2015.

  • Kym

    Kym Edgeworth, RVT

    Kym started with the Valleyview family in 2008 as kennel staff while she was in high school. After high school, she went to TRU and graduated from the Animal Health program in 2012 and has worked as an RVT since. Her interests are surgery, critical care and pathology. She currently is back in school working on her BSc to work her way to vet school. Kym is a cat mom to three cats, Gyzzie, Payzlee and Nyx. All of her cats were rescued as kittens. In her spare time, she can be found curling, dancing or volunteering.

  • Sara

    Sara Badger, RVT

    Sara graduated from Thompson Rivers University in 2015, and has worked at the clinic since then. Growing up, she took 10 years of horse riding lessons. She currently has two cats, Mr. Tutt and Boeing. She plans to one day have a Boxer, her favorite dog breed.

  • Charlene

    Charlene Worthington, RVT

    Charlene graduated from the Animal Health program at TRU in 1994. After working at clinics in the lower mainland, and then central interior, she took some time off to spend with her children. In 2011, she found herself drawn back to her passion of veterinary medicine in her hometown. Always looking for adventure, 2016 was a year of change. Trading acreage for a condo and mountains for a desert valley, Charlene moved to Kamloops and joined the Valleyview team as a receptionist. She completed 2016 with a refreshed RVT status, and looks forward to helping owners meet their veterinary needs.

  • Ashley

    Ashley Sutherland, RVT

    Ashley is new to our team. She graduated from the TRU AHT program in 2017. She is originally from North Vancouver, but enjoyed the change of scenery and decided to stay in Kamloops! She has an interest in ophthalmology. When she isn't at work, she can be found with her two cats, Mizzy and Gus, and her bearded dragon Baxter.

  • Sandi

    Sandi Callaghan, VA

    Sandi has been a Veterinary Assistant, in the Receptionist capacity, for 16 years and really enjoys her job. She moved back to her hometown of Kamloops in 2011 and enjoys ranching in Knutsford with her husband, Dan. They have 4 grown children, and 6 grandchildren, who get to experience cows and horses and the ranching lifestyle. They also have many dogs and cats that they have either rescued or acquired over the years. Sandi has also bred and raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, which are her favorite dog breed! She loves all animals, and also her clients who make her days interesting and enjoyable!

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